York House B & B



Pubs & Restaurants – We are situated 1km from the centre of Hillcrest Town, where a wide selection of restaurants and pubs are located. A choice from Portuguese, Italian, Keg & Trout, Olive & Oil, Station Masters Arms, and many more to choose from.

Real Ale Breweries. For those who enjoy the fuller flavour of traditionally brewed beer. There are 3 Real Ale Breweries in the area. Robson’s Brewery in Shongweni, The Standeavan Brewery in Alverstone, Assagay, & The Porcupine Brewery in Botha’s Hill. All within 15 minutes drive from York House.

Valley of 1000 Hills Tourist Route, including PheZulu Cultural Village and crocodile farm. The Saturday morning Shongweni Market is the largest market in Durban. You can find Organic Meats and Vegetables, Breads, Cheese, Plants, Flowers, Seedlings, Books, Clothing, Furniture, Arts & Crafts. Also a variety of breakfasts from Mediterranean Falafal to English Bacon. & Egg.

Excellent Birdwatching and Walking Trails
Kranzkloof Nature Reserve was proclaimed in 1950 and covers an area of approximately 584 hectares.

Key Species – Knysna Turaco, African Emerald Cuckoo, Narina Trogon, GreenTwinspot and African Crowned Eagle.

KKNR is one of the best spots in KwaZulu Natal for forest birdwatching. The beautiful Narina Trogon can be heard hooting from September and is often seen. Grey Cuckooshrike, Scaly-throated Honeyguide, Olive Woodpecker, Paradise, Blue-mantled & Dusky Flycatcher, Longtailed Wagtail are fairly common as are Cape and Chinspot Batis.

Crowned, Martial & Fish Eagle are regularly seen flying above the Gorge.

Altitudinal winter migrants include Chorister Robin-Chat, Yellow-throated Woodland-Warbler & White-starred Robin.

Zebra, Tree Dassie, Bushpig and Clawless Otters are resident.

Shongweni Reserve is a 10 minute drive away. The dam is is surrounded by valley bushveld and riverine forest that provides interesting birding boasting a list of more than 250 species. The reserve is approximately 1700 ha in size.

Key Species – African Crowned Eagle, Narina Trogon, Stripped Pipit, Southern Tchagra.

Other species to look out for include Orange-breasted, Grey-headed & Gorgeous Bushshrike, Grey & Swee Waxbill.

Giant, Brown-hooded & Pied Kingfisher are resident. Trumpeter & Crowned Hornbills,

Honeyguide, Golden-tailed & Cardinal Woodpecker and Cuckooshrike are common.

Stripped Pipit, Cliff Mocking Chat and Cape Rock Thrush are regularly found on a rocky outcrop overlooking the dam.

Lanner Falcon, Rock Kestrel and Crowned Eagle can be seen flying along the cliff face above the river.

African Finfoot and African Broadbill have been recorded but are seldom seen.

Rhino, Giraffe and Buffalo are found on the far side of the Reserve as are Black Eagle which nest on the high cliffs.

Both reserves are the most southerly known breeding sites for Wahlberg’s Eagle.

Tala Game Park – This 7000 acre game sancuary where Rhino, Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra and a wide variaty of buck and bird life can be seen is a short 40 minutes drive from York House. Day picnicing is welcome and guests can cool off in the rock pool.

Natal Midlands – An interesting day trip to the Natal Midlands is well worthwhile, offering arts & crafts, historical sites, a local Real Ale Brewery, “The Nottingham Road Brewery” and popular pubs and restaurants.